Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A letter from a concerned church member

I received this letter last week while I was away on mission to Cuba. It's challenging and worth reading. You may not agree with all of it, but at least I hope you will let it cause you to think hard for a little while.

Here it is, with a very slight edit. 

I am writing this letter to you because I am deeply troubled in my heart. I am trusting in you to correct me if I am off base or out of line in my thinking. I feel compelled in my soul to write this to you. I wish I could say for sure it was The Holy Spirit leading me to write this, because that is what I feel. However, like most American Christians, I have too much “stuff”, too many distractions, too much “noise” in my life to really allow me to correctly hear that small still voice.

The church in America is asleep, all of it. Sure there are pockets of spiritual awareness out there but they are small. Our congregation is asleep too. In America we are all self centered, self consumed, busy self gratifying, and self promoting. We are worshiping the idol of “self”. This hit me harder than ever this week. On Thursday, September 25th, a Muslim jihadist beheaded a woman in Oklahoma City and attempted to behead a second woman before he was shot by a man carrying a concealed weapon. And what was the reaction to this atrocity by most Americans?  “Let’s not rush to conclusions” and “It was work place violence” was the general consensus in the mainstream media, even after it came out his Imam had ties to Al-Qaeda and his Facebook posts showed he was a threat for months. “It has nothing to do with him being a Muslim” they said. What about your average citizen’s reaction? “I can’t believe that happened to that poor woman” sums it up. Now less than a week later, it’s not even a big deal anymore. We have moved on to the next big story, Ebola in America. Where is the outcry from the church?? Where are the people demanding this kind of atrocity never happen again in this country? They are too busy taking selfies and posting them on Facebook in hopes of getting people to “like” their picture! They are too busy attending their local gym everyday trying to find “community” instead of looking to the body of Christ. They are too busy tweeting about the latest nude photos that were leaked of some celebrity. They are too busy talking about how George Clooney spent millions of dollars on his latest wedding. They are too busy talking about the latest football player scandal and what games are on this weekend.

Now let’s connect a couple of dots. On September 21st in Oklahoma City, Satanists held a black mass in the civic center and met little resistance from the church. Four days later, a demon possessed Muslim beheaded a woman in the same city. This is not a coincidence! Do people not realize that spiritual warfare is real? Have they not read in 2 Kings about Elisha praying for the eyes of the servant who was with him to be opened so he could see the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire? Do they not recall the angel that was delayed visiting Daniel for 21 days because of the Prince of Persia? Do they think this is not happening all around us now? Do they think these acts of evil in the world are just random actions of man and not a carefully crafted plan of the evil one?

Unfortunately, this horrible event has become the new norm. It has happened and it has met little resistance. No one will bat an eye the next time it happens. This country has become numb. We don’t want to face reality so we bury our heads in the proverbial sand of television and social media and pretend its worlds away from us when we should be praying and fasting and crying out to God in repentance for the grotesque sins we commit against Him every day.  I cannot help but think that God is giving us over to our desires. That perhaps he is throwing our leaders into confusion like he did with many of Israel’s enemies. Perhaps we are receiving our judgment for our years of sin and turning our backs on God.

My point is this, you know as well as I do that if we are not in “The Last Days” we are in the last days of our freedom and life of luxury in this country. When was the last time you heard a sermon on radio or television about God’s judgment and wrath or about the fear of the Lord instead of the message of “God wants us to be rich and healthy and happy and if we aren’t then we are not asking him the right way”? If the church does not stir from its slumber soon, they will be caught off guard and unprepared to persevere through the coming storm. This past year has been full of new outbreaks of pestilence and drought, earthquakes and volcanoes, civil unrest and conflicts, wars and saber rattling, scandals and conspiracies, apostasy and persecution. We should be crying out to God in prayer, repenting of our own sin and sins of this nation. We should be asking God for a spiritual awakening in our land. We should be fasting in some fashion to deny ourselves and commit that time to worshiping God and seeking Him. We should be committing ourselves to His word and nourishing our soul. Perhaps it is time to turn up the heat a little and make our folks squirm in their seats. And know that I say all of this from a position of “guilty as charged”.

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  1. Other than the statement that we are in the last days of our freedom, I don't think I can refute anything you have written. However, we may want to look at our present situation in light of what was taking place in this country 160 years ago. As a nation, we saw nothing wrong with a man owning other men, women & children. Any slave or person of color who got out of line might find themselves at the end of a rope. Meanwhile, many Christian men and women looked on. Seventy five years ago we hid our eyes and our collective consciences while Hitler exterminated 6 million. In the last 40 years we have watched 9 such holocausts in the name of a woman's right to chose. While I agree that we live in desperate times, I think we can turn this country around. While I am not completely sold on preaching politics from the pulpit, I do believe that political awareness that is based on Christian principles can and should be presented in our churches.


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