Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The List, Part 2 is coming

Over the next few days, I'll share a few thoughts on these teachers and why you should either avoid them completely (some will be in category 1)  or else consider them/their teachings only with great caution (some will be in category 2):

Rob Bell
Rod Parsley
Jimmy Swaggart
Paul/Jan Crouch
John Avanzini
John Crowder
Eddie Long
Frederick Price
T.D. Jakes
... and probably a few others.

Please remember the following:  I am only providing several lines per person on the list.  If I gave you all the info I had or read or knew on some of these, this blog entry alone would be 100's of pages.  If you want the rationale behind their inclusion on The List, make sure to follow the links provided (shown in different font shade and underlined when you hover over it like the previous sentence).  From there, do you own research.  (But know this going in: the more you search this out, the more depressing it becomes!  There's a world of heresy out there.)

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