Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What are we doing??

Today, the Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act by a 5-4 vote.
Christians are facing genocide in the middle east.
Churches are being foreclosed on in America daily.
Religious freedoms are being taken away in almost every sphere of life.
More people are in slavery than at any time in history.
More people face hunger and starvation than ever before.
Billions of people have never even heard the name of Jesus.

And today, I get another email about someone who "doesn't like all the changes at church" and who wants to shop for a new one.

What are we doing here???

Our self-centered, serve me, consumer mentality will haunt us for eternity.  We are God's people called to be salt, preserving truth and godliness, and light in a world of increasing darkness.  We are supposed to be an ARMY that the gates of hell can't hold off!  But we are not being salt.  We are not being light.  And we are no soldiers under the command of a mighty King.  We are customers, consuming religious products and who, at the slightest offense or bit of discomfort, change churches like we change grocery stores or restaurants.

And one day - and maybe that day will be soon - we will stand before a God who will hold us accountable for all that we ignored, all that we didn't care about, and all that we didn't do.

What will we say then?

"I didn't like the music at church".
"I don't like the new service."
"I wanted my old sunday school classroom back."
"I had to park too far away."
"Nobody called me when I was sick."
"The sermons were too long."

Are you kidding me??  Seriously!  Are you kidding me?!?  Can you imagine our flimsy excuses before the Almighty?

Look around Christian!  The times are DIRE.  Change for the worst is taking place faster than anyone could have predicted.  WE ARE LOSING GROUND EVERY DAY in the culture around us.  And people are LOST and going to hell DAILY.

AND THERE IS NO "PLAN B".  We are it.  The Church.  The guardians of truth.  The holders of the keys to the Kingdom.  The ministers of reconciliation between a lost world and a God who is still merciful and still willing to save.  The tellers of Good News.

We can't continue like this.  We just can't.  We can't keep wasting our time in pettiness and things that simply don't matter.  I'm frustrated.  No, I'm indignant.  And I'm ready for the church - whatever true church remains - to actually be the church.  It's our - and their - only hope.

- PT


  1. Please keep pressing on, Pastor. Every week our family is encouraged,leaving church with a renewed boldness and courage in Christ. Had occassion to witness to Who Christ is, what He has done and why He did it, this week. MA

  2. After reading your latest post, the first thing I thought of was the children of Israel wanting to go back to Egypt when the freedom that God had promised them was at their front door. The struggles that lay ahead pushed them to decide on comfort now or God's promises/glory later. That's the way some people are - they want momentary comforts over something far greater. Our world, country and society is changing before our eyes but we don't want to see it or admit it.
    The only way we will move past all this is for Christ to become our all in all - our portion. Generally, that will come through trial, tribulation, calamity or suffering. Christ will become our portion when He is all that is left for us to turn to.
    Paul, please stay the course and know that you are in my prayers. No one ever said that it would be easy.

  3. I couldn't agree more! Thank you for your willingness to preach the Word boldly, without apology, and let the chips fall where they may.

  4. I agree with your post 100% no 1000% ! Could not be said better IMO. Jesus has energized me so through your sermons. I don't care if I get to Zack's Rest. at 2 p.m. on Sundays; keep bringing it.
    Since you took over the leadership of our church I have increasingly fallen deeper in love with Jesus. Jesus has taught me (through your sermons) that my work for Jesus is predominantly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday; Sunday is for re-energizing.
    I am stepping up my bible knowledge, mentoring,& witnessing more and more each week! I do not want to disappoint Jesus.

    Your sermons are not falling on deaf ears. Keep bringing it !

  5. “It is customary to blame secular science and anti-religious philosophy for the eclipse of religion in modern society. It would be more honest to blame religion for its own defeats. Religion declined not because it was refuted, but because it became irrelevant, dull, oppressive, insipid. When faith is completely replaced by creed, worship by discipline, love by habit; when the crisis of today is ignored because of the splendor of the past; when faith becomes an heirloom rather than a living fountain; when religion speaks only in the name of authority rather than with the voice of compassion--its message becomes meaningless.”
    ― Abraham Joshua Heschel, God in Search of Man: A Philosophy of Judaism


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