Sunday, April 14, 2013

New blog format

Okay - so here's the format I'm thinking for the renewed blog:

Mondays - I'll post Sunday's message along with an epilogue of sorts.  There are always things I wish I would have said (yes - in spite of how long it took me to say what I did say), things I wish I wouldn't have said (I don't use a manuscript, you know), and things I said poorly.  So on Mondays, I'll try to clear things up a bit and/or add some things I thought about after the fact.

Tuesdays - I'll try to handle a "question of the week".  Hardly a week passes that I don't get some really good question from someone at church or in an email.  For some of these questions, I have a ready answer, but I think others are probably asking the same thing so it's worth repeating.  Others take a bit more time and thought to answer appropriately.  Either way, I'll try to answer one each week.

Wednesdays - I'll pass along something significant and worth sharing - a message, a blog, a video or something similar that I recommend.  There's so much good stuff out there that I'll probably do it more often than that, but I'll at least do it on Wednesdays.

Thursdays - I'll spend some time on theology, addressing doctrines or positions that are important for us to know, understand better, or to have clarity on.

Fridays - I think I'll save this for a weekly social commentary (hopefully not quite a diatribe) about issues or events that are important for us to think about from a biblical perspective.

So drop by occasionally.  I think it might be worth your time.

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