Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's time to STEP UP

Men, I’ll keep this short. 

I know you’re busy, hard working, and you have a schedule that is full to the margins. Maybe the last thing you want or think you need is another “event” or “program”.  I get it.  I’m with you.  Time is our most precious commodity and discretionary time is almost non-existent for most of us. 

So why am I inviting you – no, challenging you – to another “thing” at church?  

Because maybe you need what you will hear and experience at Stepping Up this weekend more than you could possibly realize.  Maybe it will be some of the best time you’ve spent in a long time.  And if you have sons (or your dad can join you), it might be the best time you’ve spent with them in a while, too. 

I believe in the message and content of this series.  I know its powerful and will have an impact on you.  I know that Dennis Rainey has put together a spot-on, no punches pulled presentation that we all – as men – need to hear and respond to. 

I want you to be here.  This is not a commercial.  This is a plea.  You need this.  I need this.  We need this. 

Maybe you’re tired out. Maybe you’re stressed out.  Maybe you’re struggling under the weight of all your responsibilities.  Maybe you’re wondering about the value and contribution of your life. Maybe you’re wracked with guilt. Maybe you’re spiritually flat. Maybe your marriage is struggling. Maybe you’re having a hard time with the kids. Maybe you’re hungry spiritually.  Maybe you need your personal fire restoked.  Maybe you are in a season of personal drought. Maybe you’re in a season of personal renewal.  Maybe you sense God is leading you to more.  Maybe you wondering how to leave a legacy with your life. Maybe it’s time to Step Up. 

Friday night, join Dennis Rainey at 7PM in the Fellowship Center for a time of encouragement and challenge.  Your wife is welcomed to join you.  Then, join us Saturday from 9am to 4pm for the One Day Stepping Up: A Call to Courageous Manhood Event.  No pre-registration is required. Show up and step up.

I’ll see you there.

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  1. Just in my life... Roe vs wade was decided in January 1973 and I was born February 1974. My birthmother had "the freedom to choose". She chose to give a 5 day old baby to a Christian couple in order for them to become a family, she chose for me to have a life, and unknowingly she gave my 4 children a life also. She really never imagined we would be a part of her life but 12+ years ago that changed.
    When my mother passed away recently, she was in the hospital but her husband (not my birth father but they were married a year after I was born), her daughter-in-law and grandchildren. What greater picture of God's family is there? The one who gave a CHILD away for the good of the child, the couple who took someone else's child as their own and the adopted child.
    Oddly enough, the OB in Tuscaloosa who "helped to arrange" my adoption was performing abortions when I met my birthmother. How sad...the love of money...


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